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2020 hasn’t been all that bad…


The terms COVID19, Lockdown, quarantine, unprecedented, tiers (that aren’t cake related) social distancing and isolation are all new to our vocabulary thanks to the year 2020!

Quite frankly we can’t wait until 2020 has been a distant memory and we can all return to ‘normality’ whatever that may be.

When it comes to business we have seen many come, sadly go, and also some fortunate ones grow and adapt as a result of the frequent changes, tweaks and easing in laws nationwide. Continue reading

10 Ways To Make Your Budding Business Blossom

Laptop and coffee cup

The funny thing about being in business is that not everybody ever really intended to be in business. Sure, some people come up with a plan, they set the intentions, and they work really, really hard for their success.

In fact, anyone that does find success will work incredibly hard for it. Yet, not everyone will have the intention of being a big business person when they start. Sometimes, they start with love. They bake because they love it, and then people start asking for cupcakes. They write because they love it, and then people start reading their stuff. And this then means that creative people that start something out of passion, then become businesspeople. And it can be a hard industry to navigate when you’re a novice.

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Savvy and Sweet Ways to Make Your Baking Business Even Brighter


frosted cupcakes with a strawberry on top

When you’re in the business of all things sweet it can seem like every day whizzes by in the blink of an eye. Running a cupcake company or bakery business is a whole lot of hard work. You got into this industry because you were incredibly passionate about your craft. From baking the perfectly silky red velvet to decorating the cream frosting delicately, it’s what you truly love to do. Your business means the world to you, so you’re always looking for ways to improve your skills and make it run even more smoothly. Whether you’re hiring more hands for the kitchen or sprucing up your marketing ideas, there are many ways in which you can achieve this. Take the following ideas on board and you will soon be ready to take on anything that falls in front of you in terms of business.

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Boosting Your Business with a Masters Degree

boosting your business

Starting a business is something that many of us aspire to. In fact, it’s thought that nearly half of young people today want to shun traditional employment to start up on their own, or to live the life of a freelancer with flexibility and control. Every year, over 600000 new businesses start up in the UK alone, in a massive variety of different fields.

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The Many Dangers To An Online Business

online business

Setting up an online business is perhaps one of the easiest routes that you could go down. They’re often a small investment compared to a company where you would have to set up a shop or warehouse, and you can often make a hell of a lot of money from them. You have the internet at your feet, you just have to know how to conquer it. But this doesn’t come without risk, because what many of you might not realise is that the internet is one of the most dangerous places for an online business. There are so many rules and regulations to follow, and it can be so easy for your business to come under attack. Not only that, but you have to think about how many online businesses you’re also going to be competing with, and will most likely do anything to knock your business down. So, without focusing on the negatives for too long, let’s show you the dangers an online business might face, and how you can prevent them.

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