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Disney On Ice Tour party

Disney on Ice Cupcakes, Manchester

When people ask me what I do for a living I’m finding it more and more interesting to describe…

Last month I was fortunate enough to be approached by Instinct PR to make Disney Toy Story themed cupcakes for a Disney On Ice Tour party!

The party was to celebrate the latest performances in MEN Manchester, 14-18th October 2015, featuring the Frozen characters. The party was being held on the top floor and balcony of the stunning backdrop which is Great John Street Hotel.

The itinerary for the day included an afternoon tea with the cupcakes I had made, building real snowmen… yes real, as in, snow had been shipped in for children to build snowmen in the sunshine in August! Amazing idea!

I found out that the attendees were parent bloggers and 16 lucky children. As a result I am thrilled to see my work appear in a number of blogs online.

I certainly will be taking my children along to watch a performance of Disney On Ice because they know how to throw a good party and entertain children to a ‘tea’!

I thoroughly enjoyed making the modelled Toy Story cupcakes and also 16 edible printed cupcakes which were placed in cupcake pods to be added to ‘Goodie Bags’ to take home. I would love to be part of future PR events.

There you have it, I’m a cake decorator to the animated stars :)

2 thoughts on “Disney On Ice Tour party

  1. They were not only beautiful to look at, they were delicious too! Lovely to be able to say thank you to the person who made them – thank you! :)

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