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Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

I have been privileged to have made a number of wedding cakes over the past year. And I have met some inspirational couples who have specific ideas of the theme behind their weddings. I thoroughly enjoy being part of their ‘big day’.

As a cake decorator I ensure that I deliver all my cakes to the venues to prevent any accidents. The other reason is so that I can be nosey and see some truly spectacular wedding venues.

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Charity Starts at Candy’s Cupcakes

macmillan cake cofee mugs

If you make cakes, good, tasty cakes then you may find that others make a beeline for you to make them for charity events and fundraisers. As much as cake decorators, like most human beings, would love to be able to donate products to every charity letter, email or message received, it isn’t always possible for a number of reasons.

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Father’s Day Gift

7 cupcakes with little moustaches arranged in a manly bouquet, with a hidden surprise in the base.

From personal experience all men will devour any cake put in front of them, however they’re the most reluctant to actually place an order.

Well, it’s almost that time of the year again when we thank and celebrate all the fathers out there who provide, love and care for their little (or not so little) monkeys! So by way of acknowledgement and to satisfy their sweet tooth look no further than Candy’s Cupcakes for a unique Father’s day gift.

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The Cake Business – How Many Orders Can You Take On?


Valentines Day Cupcakes

The cake business is a fantastic business to be in! Not only is it someone’s birthday each day of the year but people get engaged, married, have baby showers, christenings and anniversaries. There are also religious and seasonal celebrations throughout the year to look forward to as well, so the demand is always there. Not to mention competitions, display cakes, taste testing and design consultations… phew enough to make you feel shattered?!

Whilst this is the positive aspect of setting up a cake business, and being very busy throughout the year, it also requires you to be an organised and forward planning person/business. The main question that everyone wants to know is “How many cake orders can I take on?” In order to do this we all have some kind of strategy that works.

Here’s how I plan ahead.

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