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What If Facebook Didn’t Exist? Would Your Business Survive?

Cupcakes with 'eat me' label

I started my small business from an enjoyable hobby, organically growing at a steady rate over a few years. Like many other small home-based businesses I then decided to create a Facebook page. Afterall it was 2011 and Facebook was the main source of free social media and great for marketing. Everyone had the Facebook app on their phone or tablet.

Fast forward a few years and there are now a number of other popular social media networks such as Twitter, Google+, Pintrest and Instagram. I have over 2600 ‘likes’ and 600 ‘followers’ fantastic, you’d think? The problem with this expansion and the evolution of Facebook is that small businesses have forgotten that these social media tools are also a business similar to our own… wanting to make a profit.

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Wedding Exhibition

Candy's Cupcakes wedding exhibition stall

This September I attended my first wedding exhibition in the Greater Manchester area. After building up my wedding cake portfolio and creating several dummy cakes, I’ve decided that it’s time to sign-up to a few wedding exhibitions in my target areas.

To be honest I was quite nervous when I initially booked a stall. However, I soon began planning how I wanted my display to look and how many wedding cake designs I wanted to create.

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Cake Presentation Tips

Top 2 cake presentation tips

Like many of us I follow a number of cake related companies on social media sites and forums. Not only do other companies showcase fantastic work and inspire us, they also highlight a couple of bug bears that can be easily avoided. These are; not covering cake boards and taking poor quality images of work.

Read my tips on how to complete your cakes and take great photos that will make people like and share your work.

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Wedding Cakes & Birthday Cakes – Weekly Round-up


Three tier wedding cake with a purple bow and lilac roses

It’s been a glorious week filled with sunshine and wedding cakes, as well as a number of celebration cakes. These included a Superman chest, a Trash Pack dustbin, and a Las Vegas themed birthday cake.

This weeks wedding cakes included a three tier wedding cake in a lilac and Cadbury’s purple theme. Clusters of edible roses and a large draped satin bow adorning the side of the cake. This cake was set up high on a baby pink milk glass stand at the stunning venue at The White Hart, Lydgate.

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School’s Out (well almost)

1 apple cupcake and 1 cupcakes with a modelled cup of tea and buscuit

As the end of the academic year is fast approaching, it has become a tradition to send teachers and teaching assistants a token gift to thank them for educating and nurturing our little ones. This has become a topic of debate in recent years as many parents feel obliged to spend a small fortune.

Our children are in larger class sizes, meaning they have more than one teacher. Right or wrong, I offer an inexpensive alternative to a bottle of wine. My customers like giving a Candy’s Cupcake to teachers. Lets face it, who doesn’t like cake? A single cupcake in a little pod with the teachers name – perfect and no loan required!

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Vintage Wedding Cake & More – Weekly Round-up

Candy's Cupcakes vintage wedding cake

It’s been another busy week here at Candy’s Cupcakes HQ. Have a read at what I’ve been up to this week.

Wedding Cake

I have been fortunate enough to work with the Hazelnut Bakery over the past few months making a number of wedding cakes. This week I made a stunning vintage style wedding cake designed by Hazel that incorporated roses, beads and ruffles. I thoroughly enjoyed making this cake along with 75 heart shaped cake pops wrapped in cellophane and tied with lace. The bride and groom each had a cupcake to set them apart from their guests. The cake was set up at the most stunning location I have been to yet, The Saddleworth Hotel. Set in a grand hall with shiny black granite floors and ornate wooden walls the cake took centre place.

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Cakes and Cupcakes – Weekly Round-up

christening cake, wedding cake, birthday cake

This week has been super busy with a wide variety of designs and occasions to create cakes and cupcakes for. Read and look at the cakes I have created this week.

Wedding Cake

Everyone loves a good wedding, especially me. It is always such an honour and pleasure making a wedding cake. On Saturday 14th June I created and set up a cupcake tower. This included 120 cupcakes with identical decorations. A classic red rose in the centre of each cupcake on a stunning tiered stand. 60 vanilla sponge and 60 chocolate sponge, all topped with a creamy white chocolate buttercream.

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Candy’s Cupcakes First Ever Blog Post

The Gruffalo Cake Decoration by Candy's Cupcakes

While I have a moment and I am not up to my eye balls in icing sugar, flour and fondant, I would like to spend some time creating a number of useful blog posts for fellow cake decorators and hobby bakers. I don’t intend on being a know-it-all but if there is anything you would like to ask or know then I can share my experiences and also learn from you too. Here goes…

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