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School’s Out (well almost)

1 apple cupcake and 1 cupcakes with a modelled cup of tea and buscuit

As the end of the academic year is fast approaching, it has become a tradition to send teachers and teaching assistants a token gift to thank them for educating and nurturing our little ones. This has become a topic of debate in recent years as many parents feel obliged to spend a small fortune.

Our children are in larger class sizes, meaning they have more than one teacher. Right or wrong, I offer an inexpensive alternative to a bottle of wine. My customers like giving a Candy’s Cupcake to teachers. Lets face it, who doesn’t like cake? A single cupcake in a little pod with the teachers name – perfect and no loan required!

Since starting Candy’s Cupcakes I have tried to create new designs year on year. Ranging from a traditional apple to a chalkboard. This year I thought I would try something slightly different.

Recently I made a rainbow cake, I adored the vibrant colours and the fun aspect of it. Therefore I am creating over 100 rainbow cakes in a jar, yes over 100! Each with a personalised luggage label and wooden fork tied to the jar with a piece of twine to create a rustic feel.

My kitchen currently looks like a jam factory with all the jars. Wish me luck getting all the mini rainbow cakes completed over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you to all my loyal customers. I will share pictures soon. For now I will share pictures of the cake that inspired me and a few teacher cakes from previous years.

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