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Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

I have been privileged to have made a number of wedding cakes over the past year. And I have met some inspirational couples who have specific ideas of the theme behind their weddings. I thoroughly enjoy being part of their ‘big day’.

As a cake decorator I ensure that I deliver all my cakes to the venues to prevent any accidents. The other reason is so that I can be nosey and see some truly spectacular wedding venues.

All About ‘Vintage’

I’ve found that the vintage theme is still on trend in 2015-16 with couples opting for ‘naked cakes’ with fresh flowers or fresh fruit and bunting. These cakes look show stopping in a castle, barn or intimate rustic buildings such as:

barn-weddingOne couple turned a cow shed near Etherow Park into the most perfect festival inspired wedding venue with fresh straw on the floor, hog roast and teepees for guests to occupy in the adjacent field. All decorated by the couple and their friends.

There is a beautiful wedding barn in Mobberely that is purpose built in a stunning little village with an authentic rustic feel. I particularly liked this venue because they had a large tree trunk cemented into the floor to create a cake stand!

Fancy a Sleepover?

Of course there are other popular wedding venues such as hotels:

These wedding venues are experienced and offer couples certain packages to choose from as well as allowing guests the option of staying over. Not forgetting the bridal party having a nice night before the wedding and a picturesque venue to get ready on the wedding morning.

Unexpected Wedding Venues…

I have been to a couple of unexpected yet stunning venues such as a community hall (Manchester Town Hall, Lowry Theatre, Lees, St John’s, Masonic halls, Joshua Bradley, Golf clubs, Leisure club and Church buildings) which have the added community vibe of family and friends helping to prepare the room.


I have also been privy to making multi-cultural wedding cakes and desserts. Asian weddings are quite spectacular, often catering for a minimum of 300 guests. As you can imagine the wedding venues need to be pretty and also very large.

The most extravagant has to be at Manchester United Stadium where there were 450 guests. There is always a ‘stage’ setup with a beautiful display of chaise lounge chairs, ornaments and silk curtain displays.

I have also made wedding cakes for Chinese families whereby a wedding cake isn’t necessarily a tradition but it appears to be something some couples now wish to incorporate.

Also since the law was changed to allow same sex marriages, I have been honoured to make several wedding cakes. Because it has been such a significant step forward in the UK I found that a lot of thought goes into these weddings as well as the guest numbers being slightly higher. Manchester Town Hall has been a popular and stunning venue for wedding parties.

Ultimately the wedding venues must reflect the bridal parties personalities and chosen theme. Therefore it is difficult to say which venue is the most ideal as it is such a personal decision. Personally, I preferred a beach in Mexico 😉

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